Plica Polonica

Plica PoloniciaPlica Polonica additionally is known as Plica neuropathic is an uncommon disorder of hair shaft that presents as tangled hair, which is trapped to shape a clingy mass. It gets the name Plica Polonica because of its high predominance in Poland in the nineteenth century. In Poland, Plica Polonica was seen normally because of insufficient consideration of the hair just as the Polish custom of wearing tight hide tops and some different superstitions. The scalp hair has been a practical objective of superstitious convictions everywhere throughout the world. In certain societies, it is accepted that unfortunate scalp and hair really improve inner wellbeing. Plica Polonica might be caused because of outer elements; in any case, those with strict convictions towards the development of Plica Polonica intentionally make the unpredictable scalp hair mass by applying wax, tar, camphor, debris or some homegrown blends. This article clarifies the clinical highlights, side effects, causes, and treatment of Plica Polonica.

Manifestations of Plica Polonica

It is anything but difficult to analyze Plica Polonica as the hair shows up as one strong mass with irreversibly tangled hair. The hair is hard and perhaps gone head to head with residue and earth. It might be joined by a terrible stench. The development is designated “fledgling’s home” since that is the thing that it looks like. It gives an exceptionally messy look and may likewise be plagued with lice. The hair has sporadic bends and is pitifully tangled: it is a hard mass of hair that is established by different things, for example, sand, discharge, and blood. The remainder of the scalp seems uncovered and aroused.

  • Unpredictable curves and tangles in scalp hair
  • Development of hard keratin mass that is impervious
  • Foul smell from hair mass
  • Hair treatment together with the development of discharge, blood, outside layers, and soil
  • Hair restoration from the remainder of the scalp
  • Invasion with nits and lice
  • Aggravation of scalp


Plica Polonica is brought about by unfortunate hair and scalp including poor hygiene, lice invasion and diseases of the scalp. It is likewise observed among patients with mental aggravations and mental diseases. Scalp diseases brought about by poor sterile variables, or shampoos containing cleansers cause this condition. Those in danger incorporate individuals having wavy hair, clingy hair and unusual hair. Mental diseases, for example, schizophrenia and depression additionally cause Plica Polonica. Scalp diseases and responses of specific medications can’t be precluded. Keeping the head secured with tops for extensive stretches of time, disregarding the perspiring on the scalp, will add to the advancement of the illness.

How is Plica Polonica forestalled?

  • Anticipation tips for plica Polonica or tangled hair incorporate,
  • Customary cleaning of the hair with gentle chemicals
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from brutal synthetic concoctions or shampoos
  • Customary scalp knead with oil
  • Normal utilization of hair conditioner
  • Keeping the hair damp or hydrated by utilizing a decent cream
  • Delicate brushing to abstain from trapping
  • Normal hair cutting
  • Abstaining from heaping hair over the crown while washing
  • Abstaining from backcombing for avoidance of tangles
  • Changing the propensity for turning the hair