Fungal Infection

  1. Tinea
  2. Gajkarn
  3. Niyta
  • Tinea is a scientific name for a Fungal Infection of skin
  • Its superficial dermatophyte infection of skin.
  • Tinea cruris is fungal infection of groin. In Marathi called as “गजकर्ण” or “नायटा”
  • Dermatophytes are keratinophic fungi belonging to
    1. Trichophyton
    2. Microsporum
    3. Epidermophyton – Genera.
  •  Fungal infection can invode skin, nails, hairs.
  • Common symptoms patient experiences are uproarious i.e. itching, redness, rash, increasing circular ring fashion skin rash, alopecia i.e. local hair loss area, dystrophic nail, yellow & blackness of nail.
  • Proper consultation with dermatologist is necessary for prompt diagnosis & treatment.
  • Majority of infection if diagnosed well in time & given full course of good antifungal treatment responds well to treatment of fall recovery.
  • It proper precaution tatren wr can avoid further infection in future.
  • Some infection are chronic & refractory to treatment
  • Few causes for recurrent & relapsing infection ( Ring Worms ), ( Jock itch ), Athletes foot, infection are
    1. Tropical Climate
    2. Obesity
    3. Sharing of clothes
    4. Excessive sweating
    5. Wearing wet clothes
    6. Tight fitting clothes
    7. Excessive prolonged use of shocks & shoes
    8. Sport activities, trekking, prolonged beach activity
    9. Overcrowding
  • In past few years huge increase in number of infection causa arming.
  • Management of fungal infection has become a challenge nowadays.
  • Epidemic of fungal infection has not only presenting with varied clinical presentation but also difficult to treat.
  • Once thought to be easy to treat now becoming headache become of
    1. Improper diagnosis
    2. Use of over counter steroid containing topic preparation
    3. Non-dermatologist prescribing insufficient dose
    4. Incomplete treatment taken by patient
    5. Not following proper precaution
    • Dermatologists are the doctor who treats skin infection.
    • In recent past atypical fungal infection means changes morphology & presentation are increased large patches, multiple patches, two or more area involved.
    • Few investigation can be done
      1. Wood’s lamp
      2. Koh mount
      3. Fungal scrapping
      4. Fungal culture & sensitivity