Acne scar treatment

Acne Scar Treatment Pune depends on severity as mild cases might be alleviated by washing the face with a gentle toilet soap or by drying agents such as benzoyl peroxide which can be found in most acne products. If the acne is severe, then it might require oral treatment with antibiotics such as tetracycline or hormone therapy such as dinette, which also act as a contraceptive.(Acne Scar Treatment Pune)As far as the treatment for this condition is concerned, your doctor or dermatologist might recommend a prescription medication to you to apply to your skin or to take by mouth.
we can improve the appearance of scar 40-70% than present scar appearance.
Time required in approx 1 ½ hr to 2hr in clinic.



First we will apply numbing cream over affected area (full face) so that face will numb.
During procedure ,we will sterile that area.

How it works

Tt depend on different type of procedure.

After procedure

There will be redness,black colour crust,swelling depending upon procedure.

After care

“Post procedure instruction”
Wash face with plain water after 24hr.
Apply moisturiser and sunscreen 7 to 10 times a day.
No steam scrub facial for next 7-10day.
No any kind of make up.
Don’t overexpose yourself in to sun.
If crust present over face, don’t remove them, otherwise there will be pigmentation.

Fractional co2 laser treatment

It cause collagen remodelling by thermal effect.
Use for rolling,box scar sometime for hypertrophic scar.
Other effect- skin tightening and as anti aging.
Session 4 – 5 session
Duration b/w two session 30 – 40 days
Downtime 6 – 10 days
After procedure :redness and black colour crust
(down time- post procedure temporary appearance of skin)

PRP (PLATLET RICH PLASMA) face treatment

In this we will take 8 – 10 ml blood of patient,centrifuge it & separate growth factor from it.
It cause clot formation which leads to hemostasis and initiation of healing process by growth factor.
Use for acne scar as well as anti aging procedure.
Uession :3 – 5 session (Acne Scar Treatment Pune)
Duration b/w two session 30 – 40 days
Down time 2 – 4 days

Subcision treatment

It is a surgical choice for rolling or depressed scar.
First we will apply numbing cream or local anaesthesia and then with needle we remove the adhesions b/w skin & scar tissue.
This is basic rx for scar to improve the effect of other therapy.
Session: 2 – 3 session (Acne Scar Treatment Pune)
Duration b/w two session 40 – 60 days
Down time 3 – 5 days

Dermapen treatment

It is a revolutionary micro-needling device which aims to tighten,lift and rejuvenate skin.
It’s action is same like dermaroller.
Session 3 – 4
Duration b/w two session 30 – 40 days
Down time 2 – 3 days

Derma roller/ microneedling treatment

It is a skin needling device with many small surgical needles.
It create microscopic channels,which release growth factor,promote scarless healing with collagen production.
Session 3 – 4 session
Duration b/w two session 30 – 40 days
Downtime 2 – 4 days
After procedure : redness & swelling

TCA cross treatment

It induce dermal thickening – collagen production by necrosis of the floor which heal results in elevation of floor.
Mostly done for icepick scar
Session 3 – 4 session
Duration b/w two session 30 – 40 days
Downtime 7 – 8 days
After procedure : redness + crust formation