FUE Hair Transplant Pune


Fue hair transplant Pune is the most advanced and scientific technique of fue hair transplant Pune. This method is repeated until a hair transplant surgeon harvests adequate follicular units of the planned hair restoration.  At Skin & Hair Surgery International have experts, who with their impeccable knowledge and experience, execute this process with utmost ease. Our main goal is to provide you the most natural hairline.

FUE Hair Transplant Pune

This technology has several advantages out of which few are listed below:

  1. Most healthy grafts: As far as possible, we opt for the healthier grafts, thus the result is, the same number of grafts as earlier. We ensure this by making use of additional magnification during graft harvesting.
  2. Completely Painless: The procedures that we follow include the ice cooling and vibration methods wherein you are certain not to feel even the first few pricks Fue hair transplant Pune. Local anesthesia is administered to the donor as well as recipient area in such a way that you won’t come to know.
  3. Donor area to remain damage-free: In order to maintain the obvious density of the donor area, our team of experts makes sure of following special ratios. We also make use of dedicated punches that we change quite often to guarantee precision and rapid healing so that it goes back to normalcy within few days. Fue hair transplant Pune
  4. Refrain from Pre-made slits: Our clinic makes use of special disposable implants wherein our experts ensure that they don’t touch your grafts from the stem cell areas at any point when the process of hair transplant is on.
  5. Special Holding Solutions: We use special physiological solutions to hold outside the body. As a result, there’s no chance of dehydration happening and they tend to grow quite quicker later.
  6. First Extracted, First Implanted: We store and arrange your grafts in such a way that they aren’t arbitrarily left out of the body for too long.

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