Vitiligo Treatment pune

What is vitiligo?

A pigment called melanin imparts skin (and hair) with its native color. This pigment is produced in cells called ‘melanocytes’. When melanocytes die or are unable to function, it results in the loss of melanin, causing colorless, white patches on the skin, leading to vitiligo.
Note that every off-white or white patch on the skin is not vitiligo. There are many other causes of white patches, namely, fungal infection, birthmarks, inflammatory conditions of the skin, etc. Vitiligo is just one of the causes of white skin patches.
Vitiligo is a chronic disorder, and it tends to run an unpredictable course. It affects up to 1% of the global population, and the incidence is almost double (3% to 4%) in India and Mexico. People of different races, religions, ethnic groups, socio-economic groups and with different dietary habits are affected by this condition.
Vitiligo affects males and females equally, and it is commonly seen in children as well. The incidence is higher in children when both parents are affected by vitiligo. Usually, people develop it between age 10 and 30, and almost all do so before the age of 40.

Vitiligo Treatment pune

How to Stop Vitiligo & Leukoderma?

Leukoderma or vitiligo is more commonly found in women than in men. Impaired hepatic functions like jaundice, burn injuries, worms and other parasites in the alimentary canal, acute mental worry, gastric disorders, typhoid and faulty perspiratory mechanism are some of the main causes for vitiligo. Moreover, hereditary factors also affect the formation of leukoderma. Skin & Surgery International offers the best treatment for vitiligo for more than a decade. Dr Pradeep Kumari, a well known vitiligo expert in Skin & Surgery International provides vitiligo natural treatment for major and minor vitiligo, child vitiligo, vitiligo on lips, hands, back, wrist, neck etc.
Agnijith, a natural medicine for vitiligo, is scientifically proven for its capability to produce pigmentation in areas lacking color. The medicine is very effective for preventing vitiligo by blocking the loss of pigment cells from the skin. The medicine is also a cream with high anti-microbial properties, which is easily absorbed by the skin and increases blood circulation at the capillary level.
For leukoderma and vitiligo treatments contact our doctor through telephone or sent us a mail with full details of the skin disease and photographs of the patches. The doctor will fix a treatment period and provide complete guidance on the usage of medicine.

Vitiligo Treatment pune

Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is caused by the loss of pigmentation on the skin, due to the destruction of pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes. Although the exact cause of vitiligo is not known, researchers suggest that people with vitiligo inherit a group of genes that make them vulnerable to the loss of pigmentation.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The first symptom is white patches on the skin. These are generally found on sun-exposed areas of the body – hands, feet, arms, face and lips. Other areas for patches may be armpits, groin, mouth, eye, nostril, navel, genitals and rectum.

Vitiligo Treatment pune

Why Is It Important To Treat Vitiligo?

Many physicians, and even some dermatologists, fail to recognize the profound social and psychological impact vitiligo may have on its victims. Vitiligo is painless and non-pruritic and, unlike psoriasis, it is not associated with shedding of skin scales. But the disfigurement of vitiligo, accentuated among persons with brown or black skin, can be devastating.
The recent media publicity about Michael Jackson’s battle with vitiligo has helped raise public awareness of the disease. While vitiligo is worldwide and affects all races equally, it is a particularly troubling social problem for persons whose normal skin color is brown or black. The contrast between brown skin and white vitiligo spots can create a grotesque “harlequin” appearance. The same kind of disfigurement can become a problem for vitiligo victims with normally fair skin who tan deeply during the summer months or, among those who live in sunny climates, throughout the year.
In India, vitiligo, or “leukoderma” as it is called there, is regarded as “white leprosy.” The late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ranked vitiligo as one of three major medical problems in India, alongside malaria and leprosy. A woman in India cannot marry if she has even one spot of vitiligo, and if a woman develops vitiligo after marriage it is considered grounds for divorce.
It is no wonder vitiligo patients can turn aggressive, feel a sense of shame, or become withdrawn and resentful. For many, vitiligo is not just a cosmetic problem-it is a major social dysfunction that seriously curtails their ability to lead a normal work, social or married life. Reversal of the white spots and restoration of normal skin color is therefore the primary hope for all these disfigured vitiligo patients.

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