What is atopic dermatitis?

It is the inflammation of skin due to allergies.

What is the cause for it?

  • Multifactorial
  • Genetics
  • Environmental
  • Skin barrier dysfunction

What are the triggering factors?

  • Irritans
    1.    Soap based products, body wash chemicals
    2.    Extremes of weathers
    3.    Stress and anxiety
    4.    Rough clothes
  • Allergen
    1.    Certain food chemicals or colorings, eggs peanuts, milk, fish, wheat.
    2.    Aeroallergens dust, mite, pollen, animal dander and molds.
  • Infection
    1.    Bacterial, viral. Fungal

What are the treatment options?

  • Avoid aggravating factors
  • Avoid coarse or irritating clothing (e.g wool)
  • Avoid extremes temperatures
  • Bath and emollients(moisturizers)
    1.    Bath can be performed once daily but excessive bathing cause increased dryness
    2.    Baths are helpful in soothing, itching. The bath should be with lukewarm water and limited to minimum duration.
    3.    Reduce use of detergents and soaps, and should be kept to a minimum, and apply only to fold areas.
    4.    Avoid frequent bathing
    5.    Avoid lengthy bath/bubble bath
    6.    Moisturizer are best applied after bath over little damp skin
    7.    Moisturizer should apply at least 3-4 times a day and more frequentely in severe cases
  • Clothing
    1    Avoid wool, acrylic and other irritant clothing
    2    Use soft cotton clothing that should not be too tight or too warm.
  • Tips and tricks for modifications in home environment
    1    Avoid carpets/rugs/soft toys
    2    Plastic encasing for mattresses
    3    Frequent wet-mopping of floors and surfaces.
    4    Regular vacuuming of drapes, blankets
    5    Regular washing of bed sheets in hot water
    6    Avoid smoking
    7    Minimize contact with pets/avoid pets

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