Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis Treatment pune : This is a condition wherein any individual will have excessive sweating. Some amount of sweating is a normal phenomenon and happens for everyone and in fact is required for.

  1. Temperature control of body in heat or summers or while exercising
  2. Sweating also acts as a waste material discharge or throw out of body for certain situations.
  3. To show emotions of an individual
  4. To show fear / flight / fight reaction of any person when put in threatening / dangerous situations
  5. To show anxiety while facing tense situations.
    Hyperhidrosis- hidrosis means sweat; hyper means excess. Any sweating which makes an individual uncomfortable in social situations and hampers day to day activity of that person is defined as hyperhidrosis.
    Most commonly hyperhidrosis becomes an issue if it is happening from palms and / or soles leading to difficulty in write on paper; shaking hands with others, smelly feet. (Hyperhidrosis Treatment Pune)
    Another common area of concern with hyperhidrosis is underarms wherein constantly wet clothes and the smell is an issue for people in executive professions.
    Some individuals have a hyperhidrosis issue on face and scalp especially with spicy food.

Once someone seeks medical or dermatologist help for any of these issues.

The hyperhidrosis treatment algorithm can follow any of this.

  1. A thorough evaluation
  2. Ruling out local bacterial overgrowth specially for underarms and soles.
  3. Some patients may be advised some tests to rule out metabolic causes and / or to allow for medication safety.
  4. Evaluation treatment options are discussed with patients based upon individual scenarios and severity of impact on patient’s life.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment pune and Medical Management

  1. Reducing bacterial overgrowth
  2. Some oral tablets initially followed by local applications
  3. Home remedies

Procedural Management or Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

  1. Electrophoresis – It is an in – clinic treatment noninvasive in nature. This requires multiple sessions and once a baseline is achieved they are maintained on home based applications.
  2. Botulinum Toxin – the most common areas for this is underarms and palms.
    The process of doing botox is simple wherein first the area to be treated is numbed with a topical anesthetic. Once the numbing effect has come ; the area is tested and marked for the severity of sweating by doing a test called starch iodine test and then marked areas are treated with botox.
    This is a highly satisfying treatment for both patients as well as the treating dermatologist because if the significant effect achieved over the next 1 week itself.
    The patient can resume his daily work immediately after the procedure.
    One follow up consultation and evaluation session is generally planned at 10-14 days interval.
    This is the time when the other underarm/palm can be treated.
    The effects last 4-10 months for the treated area.
    Most patients after initial few sessions learn to time this at the inset of summers and end up doing it once a year.
  3. Surgical – this is last resort only taken up in rare circumstances
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