May 22, 2018


Pompholyx Pompholyx is a very common type of hand eczema and literal meaning of this is the bubble. In pompholyx person notices development of extremely itchy, uncomfortable tough blisters on Read More
May 18, 2018

Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser The excimer laser uses a specific wavelength of 308nm and thus os a modified advance form of light therapy useful in various dermatology diseases. Traditionally light therapies used Read More
Pigmentation Treatment Pune What is Skin Pigmentation? Pigmentation is basically the presence of dark (hyperpigmentation) or light (hypopigmentation) patches on the skin. It is a commonly observed concern. It is Read More
Dermatologist in Viman Nagar, Hadapsar A dermatologist is a medical expert you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin (Dermatologist in Viman Nagar, Hadapsar). Dermatology is Read More
hair restoration
Overview of Hair Restoration Modern techniques of surgical hair transplantation can restore lost hair and replace or re-shape your hairline with your own natural, growing hair restoration, which needs no Read More
Home care for Dryness / Itching / Burning Apply sunscreen 2-3 times per day and moisturizer 4-6 times per day till dryness / itching / burning persists. You do not Read More
January 10, 2018

What is atopic dermatitis?

What is atopic dermatitis? It is the inflammation of skin due to allergies. What is the cause for it? Multifactorial Genetics Environmental Skin barrier dysfunction What are the triggering factors? Read More
hifu treatment face target
January 9, 2018

What is HIFU?

What is HIFU? HIFU means high intensity focused ultrasound. It is a safe, Nonsurgical, non invasive treatment that counteracts the effect of time and gravity or age on your skin. Read More
What are causes and risk factors for hair loss? The hormone responsible for androgenetic alopecia is DHT(Dihydrotestosterone). It leads to the death of hair follicles. Most hair loss is not Read More
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